Many international students seek higher education in a foreign country with the hope of obtaining Australian PR. International students who get permanent residency (PR) status after studying abroad are granted the right to live abroad. However, there are special rules regarding the distribution of PR to candidates from outside. There are certain particular PR courses in Australia. However, not all courses will result in this conclusion. You should learn more about this particular crucial component.

List of Courses

With time, Australia is becoming a highly developed nation. A certain country is raising the bar in a number of areas, including IT departments and education. Because of the amenities available there, Australia is a top choice for international students. Australian government. The following is a list of the seven required courses to get Australian PR. If you complete your education in Australia, the government will allow you permanent residency there.

1. Engineering

For Australian PR, engineering is the most sought-after major. To get jobs related to this department, you need to clear the exams that are compulsory to pass before moving there like IELTS, PTE, etc. As was already said, Australia is changing and needs more engineers than ever. A degree in any of the departments of this program entitles you to a great salary. Additionally aids to get permanent residency there in Australia.

2. Accounting

One of the professions with the fastest growth in Australia is accounting. Because there are so many employment choices in accounting in Australia, many students choose to study it. In Australia, becoming an accountant requires a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, earning an MPA (Masters in Professional Accounting) will provide you access to a wealth of career opportunities. In addition to many other positions, accounting students can apply to be company treasurers, external editors, tax accountants, general accountants, management accountants, and more.

3. Computer and information technology

IT experts with degrees from accredited Australian universities or those who have achieved success in the field in another nation do well in Australia’s rising economy. For overseas students in Australia PR, accounting is a well-liked alternative. It is one of the industries that has expanded dramatically across the nation and has a lot of room to grow and flourish in the future. The top three cities in Australia for international students are Hobart, Canberra, and Sydney, so you might want to think about studying there. Starting at AUD 30,000, an IT professional’s compensation in Australia can reach hundreds of thousands for highly skilled and specialized professions.

4. Medical courses

Since there is a high need for medical professionals, MD and MBBS degrees may also assist you in obtaining permanent residency in Australia. These are typically five- to seven-year MCI or WHO certification programs that result in an abundance of internships and job placements. The first true graduate entry-to-practice medical certification in Australia was this extended masters-level program, which raises the bar for medical education. It is one of the departments with the fastest growth. Consider taking this course if you wish to become a permanent resident of Australia. Gynecology, orthopedic surgery, an ophthalmology course, and a host of other possibilities are available to you in this area.

5. Teaching and Education

There are chances all around Australia if you have the skill to teach. Teachers are needed for students of various ages, academic levels, and subject areas, including math, science, languages, and the arts. There are chances to teach adults specific topics. Even though the public and private school systems have the greatest need for instructors. Along with a rewarding and fascinating profession, the position also provides a route to obtaining permanent residency in Australia. There are more opportunities for education in Australia because all teaching positions are on the list of medium-and long-term shortages.

6. Nursing and midwifery

Australia is not an exception to the tremendous demand for nursing courses internationally. In Australia, there are satisfying job prospects for nurses and healthcare workers. They also increase the chance to get permanent residency. Australia’s population growth has resulted in a greater demand for qualified medical personnel. In recent research, Australia’s Future Health Workforce estimated that 123,000 additional nurses will be required by 2030. Therefore, if you want to serve others and possess the requisite abilities, this is the ideal moment to apply for a nursing program provided by an Australian institution.

7. Social working

Students from all around the world enroll in Australian social work programs. The students are enthusiastic about taking these courses because they want to work with disadvantaged people and have a significant positive influence on other people’s lives by offering assistance, counsel, or assistance with the reintegration of those who have been socially excluded from society. You may take a variety of social work courses in Australia, such as those in psychology, psychiatry, health and welfare services, etc. Additionally, after earning your social work degree, you may apply for jobs on the MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List), including those for community workers, social workers, family support workers, and welfare center managers. This course is a great way to get PR in Australia.


Studying accounting, engineering, computer networking, midwifery, teaching, or medicine qualifies you for permanent residency in Australia. Electrical engineering, automotive, painting, hospitality, building, construction, and other trades are among the other courses available. Keep in mind that you must complete at least two years of school in Australia if you wish to apply for permanent residency in that country.