The world is home to almost 206 countries, and these countries are divided into 3 categories: developed, developing, and under-developed. If we talk about Pakistan, this particular country falls on the list of developing countries struggling to compete with developed countries’ criteria. So, to establish their country, millions of people from Pakistan move to other countries yearly, and most of them are English native countries. Before moving, they need to prove their proficiency in the English language to stay away from stress-free situations. To prove their selves in the English language, a great idea is to participate in the PTE test with the help of Learn with Hafiz. If you are one of them seeking guidance in PTE preparation in Pakistan, you are in the right place. How? Move to discover!

Q. Why choose PTE preparation in Pakistan with Learn with Hafiz?

The fact that it is accepted for study applications by thousands of educational programs worldwide, makes it the most popular English language proficiency exam. This exam measures a non-English speaker’s readiness to enroll in an English language learning program at the university level. So, online PTE preparation in Pakistan with Learn with Hafiz teaches you all the techniques available to help you do as well as you can on the test.

  • We explain your decision to enroll in this academic program to allay your concerns and lessen your load.
  • Because PTE is accepted by so many colleges worldwide, there is more acceptability for students who complete this course and pass the exam.
  • Four student skills—listening, reading, writing, and speaking—are assessed on this entirely computer-based test.
  • The PTE exam employs an AI scoring system, so your final scores will be error-free.

Q. How will learning with Hafiz help you to secure success in Pakistan?

Learn with Hafiz’s PTE academic preparation course aims to provide students with the knowledge and strategies required to do well on all sections of the Pearson test of English. The Pearson test preparation online course also has interesting courses, mock exams, and personalized teacher feedback. Moreover, students who take our PTE course are well aware of the format and requirements of the test.

Furthermore, you can use digitally available study materials through Learn with Hafiz online PTE programs to aid in preparation. Moreover, these resources include sample questions and fun exercises to help you practice and develop your English language abilities.

PTE test dates are accessible all year round for test-takers in Pakistan, and exam registration may be done online. It provides ease and flexibility for those getting ready for the test.

The objective of our PTE exam preparation in Pakistan

Our PTE Preparation in Pakistan program aims to position the students appropriately, level their development, recognize their successes, and demonstrate their English for institutions. With the help of our classes, everyone can find studying and taking tests easier and more pleasant than before. Here are our course’s learning outcomes:

  • Develop academically, personally, and professionally
  • Learn the fundamentals of the English language so you can communicate with others.
  • Become fluent in a language necessary for many life situations.
  • Encourage positive attitudes about learning

This PTE preparation in Pakistan with Learn with Hafiz also meets additional learning objectives.


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Yes, we recognize the busy routines of students in this struggling era. So, our online class timings are flexible, so every person can enroll and take steps towards success.

We only ensure the success of some students because every candidate has a different mindset. Moreover, we believe in our courses, study material, and teaching method and all we need from your side is to be active and pay attention to the studies. We ensure our 100% to make you succeed, while the rest is up to you.

Skipping a class means making yourself weak. Moreover, we have a policy to ensure your presence in class within the initial 10 minutes and should confirm at least 80% attendance.

Pakistani PTE exam takers may use our extensive support system and online resources. You may ask questions and receive assistance from our Customer Support staff while preparing for the test.

What Sets Hafiz Apart?

Experience of dealing with students worldwide

One to one coaching for each student

An inexhaustible list of mock tests and practice resources

Proven techniques and methods for cracking the tests


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