The English language is fast becoming the global standard of communication. With many countries adopting the language as their official medium of instruction, the English language has never been more popular. With people looking for better opportunities all the time, especially those who reside in developing nations; the onus is on learning this universal language to excel in developed countries. Developed countries such as Canada, Australia, the UK, and other European nations have set minimum language criteria for immigration policies. Mostly, this minimum criterion revolves around English proficiency. PTE is a test designed to test the competency of an applicant in conversing and writing the English language. The test is a testament to one’s ability in understanding English in all its fundamental parameters such as conversing, writing, and understanding written or spoken text.

The PTE is conducted in over 50 countries and is available throughout the course of the year. Booking can be done easily via the internet and test results are swift as they are published inside two days of taking the test. Also, the test comprises of different segments that test the applicant’s knowledge of English language in real-life scenarios. The computerized test is accepted in over 3000 institutes with the list growing day by day. The PTE test’s popularity is for all to see and thus PTE in Cairns is also a renowned phenomenon. Many universities in Queensland accept PTE scores for admissions. Residents of Cairns can look for state of the art opportunities simply based on their PTE scores.


Your Questions Answered


Yes. The Australian home department accepts PTE scores for holiday visa applications in which test is not accepted by the Department of Home Affairs of Australia for visa application.

PTE Academic Online has some basic requirements before you can take the test. First of all, check your eligibility for the test. Secondly, make sure you have a working internet connection and a functioning headset.

No. The PTE test is not currently available in China but is expected to be available by end of 2022.

On the day of the PTE test, it is advised to reach the test center at least thirty minutes before the start time. It gives you the time to check-in with the examiners and after proving your identity, you’ll be assigned a seat for the test.

The most notable countries to accept the PTE test are Canada, UK, USA, and Australia.

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