A good score on an English proficiency test can open the doors to several great institutions abroad. Therefore, students prefer to seek professional help to acquire competitive scores and maximize their chances of securing admission to prestigious colleges and universities. The Pearson Language Test or PTE is one of those computer-based language assessments that evaluates your ability to listen, speak, read, and write in English.
The test contains twenty different types of questions, including multiple choice questions and essay writing.

  • The Speaking & Writing portion of the test contains seven questions to assess your speaking and writing skills within 54 – 67 minutes.
  • The Reading part of the PTE test uses five different questions to assess your English reading skills within 29 – 30 minutes.
  • The Listening portion of the test contains eight different questions to assess your listening skills through a series of audio and video clips within 30 – 43 minutes.

Professional help and appropriate learning methods can help you score high on all of the PTE subtests. And an overall high score can take you places like Macquarie University, The University of Sydney, and the Academy of Information and Technology in Sydney. In fact, PTE is valid for professional associations and Australian state government departments for immigration as well.

You Might Ask


You can easily register for Pearson Language Test online. If you are taking the test for the first time, begin by creating a web account and scheduling the test. However, if you have taken the test before, you can use your previous account for another attempt.

Yes, you may reschedule your PTE test for a different date, time, or location. You can even cancel your test using your web account. Before canceling or rescheduling the test appointment, do not forget to check the Payment and Fees section in the PTE Academic Hand Book.

Within five business days of the test date, the test scores for your PTE test will be ready. The notification for the scores will reach at your provided email address once the scores are available to view.

You can forward your test scores to as many institutions as required for free via your web account. The scores will be available to the selected universities within 48 hours of reporting.

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