Since the days of COVID-19, every industry has adapted to new norms and restrictions. The English testing regimes have also adapted to this restrictive environment by introducing online testing methods for English language aptitude. The PTE test is no different, but it contains additional benefits to applicants, with it being hundred percent computerized. The computerized test is a godsend for applicants seeking visa approval or university admissions in Australia.

Geelong is a Victorian city located south of Australia, close to Melbourne. PTE in Geelong has the same acceptance as all over Australia, meaning it’s accepted as an English proficiency test to meet the minimum visa or University admission requirements. The test is two hours long, with three sections testing various English language skills. First, the writing and speaking segment takes place, which is more than 60 minutes long.

Next comes a thirty-minute reading section followed by an approximately 40-minute-long listening portion. The test is designed to ensure the skills of applicants in different scenarios. Most of these scenarios are realistic and based on day-to-day conversations of people living in the community. Preparing well for your PTE and acing it can open many doors to success in Australia. In Geelong’s vicinity, Melbourne hosts many top-notch educational institutions that will lead to a beneficial career.

You Might Ponder


No. The PTE online test is not acceptable for visa applications to Australia as of now.

PTE Academic online is not acceptable for Visa applications to different countries. However, the test is accepted in many universities globally, with a complete list of institutes that accept the test available on the PTE’s website.

The booking process is smooth as you can take the test within days of the online booking.

There are over 240 centers for taking the PTE test worldwide, and candidates can take it in over 50 countries. The test is easy to schedule with as minimum as 24 hours in advance; you could take the test.

Speed, efficiency, and quick results are the hallmarks of the PTE test. The results are sent to applicants after forty-eight hours to the applicant’s registered credentials. Also, the computerized test is impartial and assesses the applicants without bias.

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