An individual with a strong hold on English language skills enjoys more opportunities. No matter which university or office you apply to, they require you to be proficient in the language. One such way is to appear in English proficiency tests which open new opportunities for everyone. PTE, or Pearson Language Test, is a highly accurate computer-based language assessment test that judges how well you speak, write, read and listen in English.
The test comprises various questions which are highly objective. There is even a portion of essay writing to help the examiner evaluate your written skills and vocabulary. Within the exam, there are:

  • A Listening section comprising eight questions.The total time for this section is 30-43 minutes and covers a broad spectrum
  • A Speaking and Writing section consisting of seven questions to judge your skills. The total time for this section is 54-67 minutes
  • A Reading section with five questions that you must complete in 29-30 minutes

PTE tests are different than regular English language exams and cannot be passed without proper preparation. You should consult specialists and professionals to design a successful preparation strategy. Through proper guidance, you can achieve a high score in all sections. With a high score, all top-notch universities open their doors to you. Individuals could even get into Hobart’s top university, the University of Tasmania, once they obtain a high score.

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Every international student planning to study abroad should appear for a PTE test. You can access any university with the help of a high PTE score. Start your preparation from the minute you register and ace your exam.

A PTE test is nothing like other regular tests and cannot be passed without timely preparation. You might need additional help in the form of coaching and practice tests. There are even informative videos online. So, study from every possible method before sitting for the actual exam.

PTE tests take place regularly, and you can register for them according to your convenience. There are numerous centers taking tests daily. All you need to do is visit their site and book your test online for the coming days, weeks, or months. It depends on a person’s comfort.

Just like the test booking process, the result time is also short. You will take the two-hour test and get your result in the next 48 hours. There are no delays or glitches.

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