English has become a universal language as a large population globally understands and often speaks the language. This acceptance and global popularity make the English language an ideal tool for internationalism or globalization. Having a single language for communication and official purposes reduces the decision-making time for institutes and governments. The ease of use and universality affords the English language a unique place in the global discourse.

Most globe leading countries now have English as their official language. Australia is one such country where the English language is held in high stead. English language knowledge forms the minimum requirement for entry and education in the county. This is where the PTE test comes into play with its standardized assessment of English language skills in an applicant.

The PTE test has become globally accepted and is Australia’s most popular English proficiency test. Places such as Townsville also recognize the test and reward applicants who score highly on this test by granting them visas and admissions to world-class educational institutes. The PTE test assesses various English language skills of the applicant, including the ability to converse in English, understand the text and answer questions by listening to audio/video material.

You Might Ponder


Yes. The PTE online test is not accepted by the Department of Home Affairs of Australia for visa applications.

PTE Academic has worldwide recognition but before applying to any university based on the PTE test, check PTE’s website, which contains a comprehensive list of universities that accept the PTE test. IVY league universities such as Harvard and Stanford take the PTE test for admissions.

Yes. The good news for nursing practitioners and healthcare professionals is that the healthcare body of the USA, the HRSA, has recently put the PTE test in its approved list of tests for the English language. Now these professionals take the test to look for employment in the USA.

The PTE Academic test fee varies from region to region, but it is usually around 200 USD and 385 Australian dollars.

The best place to have the dos and don’ts of taking the PTE is to visit PTE’s website, where you can familiarise yourself with the test pattern and preparatory material.

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