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Visit Learn with Hafiz Universe in Perth’s thriving center for unmatched PTE preparation. We warmly encourage you to initiate a revolutionary voyage with us as your steadfast supporter in pursuing PTE exam achievement. At the same time, we are convinced to transform your PTE preparation experience with a carefully designed program of pioneering campaigns, sending you hovering toward a successful performance on test day.

Learning Techniques for Optimal Results

Discover the appealing potential of cutting-edge learning strategies, like the loci method and spaced repetition, which are readily available at our institute. In addition to improving memory recall, these innovative technologies are helpful for speedy vocabulary learning and material understanding. Complex concepts are delicately rendered using visualization technology, giving the educational process a natural and lively feel.

Learning through Technology

We engage you in language learning through interactive apps and tools. Participate in virtual reality and augmented reality to enhance your language practice adventure. This fusion of education and technology will excite learning at “Learn with Hafiz” in Perth.

Navigate Complex Sentence Structures

Under the skilled supervision of our Perth-based specialists, confidently maneuver through complex phrase constructions. In this encouraging situation, we’ll provide the tools to skillfully combine various sentence structures, letting you showcase your advanced language ability with unmatched grace.

Decode Challenging Passages and Conversations

Utilizing our thoroughly designed techniques, conquer the most challenging PTE content. Become adept at understanding mysterious passages and complicated dialogues via the skillful use of context and inference. Mastering this skill will unquestionably benefit you and help you demonstrate your keen understanding skills with appropriate flair.

Become Confident in Clear Speaking

Join us on a journey to hone your pronunciation and wording through accurately tailored exercises. Elevate your speaking prowess and your listening adeptness, resulting in a comprehensive enhancement of your language skills. Moreover, armed with this refined linguistic proficiency, you’re prepared to leave an indelible mark, casting a lasting impression on the result note of your PTE test performance.

Apply shadowing technique 

Our shadowing technique is your best PTE preparation solution. You will enhance your listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills by imitating the audio’s nuances while reading along. This method engages your listening and speaking faculties, improving fluency and accent.

Efficient Time Management for Complex Tasks

Become a master of time management within our institute. We immerse you in practical techniques designed to streamline the execution of tasks such as essay writing and summarizing. Through this skillful teaching, you’ll strike the elusive balance between depth and efficiency, ensuring your alertness for the challenges.

Cultural Awareness and Contextual Understanding

At Learn with Hafiz, we take candidates on a fascinating tour of Perth’s colorful culture. Become engrossed in a tapestry of other cultures where literature, film, and natural resources serve as your guides to a more fulfilling language learning experience. We improve your PTE preparation by expanding your cultural horizons and developing your language abilities.

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Join “Learn with Hafiz” today to integrate advanced strategies into your PTE preparation in Perth. Discover our tailored resources and courses designed to elevate your performance in the PTE test.


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Once registered in “Learn with Hafiz,” you can ask them anything via WhatsApp until the exam day. This service is not limited to Perth but all over the country.

At our Perth institution, our motivated consultants will eliminate the misconception that you cannot pass the test. At the same time, stress management is our unique trait that prepares you mentally for every exam you can take.

Certainly! We understand the importance of catering to our students’ diverse schedules and commitments. That’s why we’re proud to offer flexible scheduling options, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate the busy lives of students in Perth.

We prioritize an inclusive learning environment. Our instructors actively encourage questions and concerns from students during lectures. By fostering open dialogue, we ensure that everyone comprehends the material.

We believe in constructive feedback. After practice tests and assessments, we provide comprehensive feedback to each student. It helps them understand their strengths and areas for improvement, enabling them to refine their PTE preparation strategies effectively.

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Experience of dealing with students worldwide

One to one coaching for each student

An inexhaustible list of mock tests and practice resources

Proven techniques and methods for cracking the tests


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