If you are looking for an institution for PTE preparation in Brisbane, no option is better than Learn with Hafiz Our institution is familiar with the essentiality of a high PTE score for your academic and professional success. As a result, our comprehensive commitment is to provide our students with an outstanding educational experience that guarantees their attainment.

Branch with all necessities

Our branch traits provide you with unique learning pathways for your victory. Sightsee our features to polish your capabilities in our forward-looking PTE Lab, which includes immersive mock exams. We support your ace mastery by enhancing your learning experience with us. So, join us as we set off on the road to success right now!

Offerings of Learn with Hafiz

Our organization, “Learn with Hafiz,” provides special techniques for applicants hoping to perform well on the PTE so they may have a solid future.

Skillful mentors

We at Learn with Hafiz appreciate the dedicated staff for PTE preparation. They profess a thorough understanding of the exam’s format, scoring criteria, and the minor factors that enormously affect your results. Moreover, our instructors are known to assist various students in achieving PTE scores according to their desires and are willing to help you achieve the same goal.

Preparation according to the pattern

Our best institute, first of all, tries to understand the positive and negative areas of the students so we can help them develop. We adopt this unique trick fascinatingly, and it is the primary reason for the people of Brisbane to choose us. Moreover, after we check their strengths and the areas they need to improve, we plan to use their cheerful aspect best and eliminate their negative points. Our dedicated learning approach makes people trust us, and you are also welcome here if you need assistance.

We offer the best material for PTE preparation in Brisbane

Registering at Learn with Hafiz will help you get an approach to the dependable material, which is handy for preparing best for the PTE test in Brisbane. The educational material we offer you is the best way to polish your skills in different departments. On the other hand, it helps you reach the peak of confidence so that you may be relaxed one day. Material and our procedure allow us to monitor your grip over the test. After the monitoring, we follow more worthy tricks to make you successful.

Well-tried techniques

Do you know that just knowing the PTE is insufficient to pass? In such a scenario, our competent staff shares well-tried and proper techniques to develop confidence. On the other hand, for time management problems, our mentors guide you with mastery so that you may complete your test. With our strategies, you will learn how to tackle different situations you can face during different sections.

Excellent learning atmosphere

Another step we take to overcome the process of fear elimination is to offer the best learning atmosphere to our students. With the help of this strategy, we convince the candidate to participate in discussions, make queries, and seek every possible development by getting the reviews of different people. We offer them the atmosphere to have fun, talk to each other, and have discussions to motivate them and keep them energized during the preparation process.


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Our past track record shows our hard work and encourages us to expand our sphere of PTE training. In terms of success rates, a majority of our students can skip the test.

Recognizing that individuals have different learning preferences, we incorporate videos to boost their confidence. We believe that when individuals see others in the examination environment, it helps alleviate fears, and visual aids significantly enhance understanding.

To refine your skills and address time-related concerns, we offer our students a simulated test environment that resembles actual exam conditions. Our approach provides a similar testing atmosphere, where you must complete tasks within the allocated time. Furthermore, our process leads to improved time management skills, often noticeable as early as the second mock test.

Our institution employs specialized strategies, regular practice exams, and thorough skill monitoring to ensure PTE success. While personalized coaching is provided through one-on-one sessions, our technology-driven approach offers comprehensive analytics. We acknowledge achievements and cultivate an environment that fosters continuous growth.

You can take the PTE Academic Online exam from the comfort of your home or any suitable location. All that’s required is a peaceful environment, a stable internet connection, and a computer equipped with a webcam.

What Sets Hafiz Apart?

Experience of dealing with students worldwide

One to one coaching for each student

An inexhaustible list of mock tests and practice resources

Proven techniques and methods for cracking the tests


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Learn With Hafiz is a one-stop solution to all your problems for PTE, NAATI CCL and IELTS