Refund Eligibility:

Students are eligible for a refund ONLY if they officially request to withdraw from a course after attending ONE (1) class on the same day.

Refunds will not be granted for requests made after the specified withdrawal period has elapsed.

Refund Processing Time:

Learn With Hafiz will process the refund within 15 days of receiving the completed refund request through email.

Policy Amendments:

Learn With Hafiz reserves the right to review and update the fee refund policy periodically to comply with legal regulations and enhance the quality of our programs.

Enrollment Disclaimer:

Any modifications or revisions to the policy will be updated on our website but will not be applicable to currently enrolled students.

Enrollment Agreement:

By enrolling in our courses, students agree to adhere to this fee refund policy.

We are committed to delivering exceptional learning services and supporting our students throughout their journey.