Turkey is a popular destination for students seeking higher education, and one of the language proficiency exams accepted by Turkish universities is the Pearson Test of English. As an internationally recognized English language proficiency test, universities and employers widely accepted the PTE worldwide. Furthermore, taking the PTE in Turkey is an excellent way for students to show their English language skills and improve their chances of admission to their desired universities. In this regard, PTE offers a convenient and efficient testing solution for students in Turkey. Additionally, the test is computer-based, allowing for quick and accurate results—an advantage for students who need to meet application deadlines. Therefore, for those who wish to study in Turkey, taking the PTE is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their English language proficiency and achieve their academic goals.

Structure and grading of the test

  • In four sections—speaking and writing, reading, and listening—the PTE computer-based test evaluates your command of the English language. The test has 20 different question categories, lasting about three hours. The reading and listening portions of the exam are multiple-choice, whereas the speaking and writing components require test takers to record their responses.
  • They give each segment a unique score ranging from 10 to 90, and the final score is determined based on the average of the four components. Most Turkish institutions and employers demand a minimum score of 60, though this can change depending on the institution and program.

PTE Exam Organization

Three sections make up the PTE exam:

Both verbal and written

Six exercises comprise the speaking and writing portion, which assesses a candidate’s ability to communicate in both oral and written English with clarity and coherence. The exercises involve composing essays, repeating sentences, describing pictures, and reading aloud.


The reading test gauges a candidate’s capacity for deciphering and evaluating written English. Furthermore, it comprises 15–20 exercises like multiple-choice questions, paragraph rearranging, and filling in blanks.


The listening test evaluates a candidate’s capacity to comprehend spoken English in various accents and settings. There are about 20 exercises, including multiple-choice questions, summarizing spoken material, and sentence completion.

Turkish PTE exam locations

Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya are just a few of the cities in Turkey where one can apply for PTE exams.

How can I get ready for the PTE there?

It takes practice and familiarity with the test format to get prepare for it. To get started, consider the following advice:

Become acquainted with the test format

You’ll be more prepared if you are more familiar with the test format. To become familiar with the various task types and scoring standards, use official PTE study guides, such as the Official Guide to PTE Academic.

Regular practice

The secret to developing your skills is a regular practice. Moreover, use online PTE practice tests and study materials to improve your abilities and keep track of your advancement.

Consider your shortcomings

Work on your weaknesses by recognizing them. For instance, if you need help with speaking assignments, regularly practice speaking aloud and get feedback from a tutor or friend.

Time management

Effective time management is crucial because the PTE test has a time limit. Additionally, to ensure adequate time to finish each work, practice testing your pace management skills.

Suggestions for Passing the PTE in Turkey

Here are some pointers to help you perform at your best on a test day:

Be on time

To minimize any last-minute rush, arrive early at the testing location. Make sure you have all the identity documents and other items.

Carefully adhere to the directions.

For each task, carefully read and adhere to the instructions. Observe the word count, deadline, and other specifications.

Keep your composure and attention.

Don’t let anxiety or other factors distract you. On the other hand, throughout the exam, maintain your composure, attention, and focus.

These might be the Questions
Coming into Your Mind


You will need to register to appear for your PTE exam. The registration process is simple. All you need to do is visit the official website, book a test according to your convenience and appear for the exam. Your test results will be in your hands in 48 hours.

These exams include testing multiple skills through a computerized test. You will reach PTE’s designated center at least 30 minutes before the beginning time. Furthermore, there will be 10 to 15 candidates per exam. The administration will guide you through every step and answer all your queries.

If you plan to forward your test results to Australian universities or government departments, you can do it with ease. The test is accepted in all places. A higher score will increase your chances of getting into your dream university.

You will need to avail yourself of preparation resources to qualify for the PTE test. From practice tests to academic question banks and official guides, opt for every possible help. Only students with adequate preparation can pass the exam.

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