With Pearson Language Test, an individual can assess their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Once you clear the exam, the doors to various opportunities open for you. Therefore, students put extra effort to prepare for the PTE exam. They believe it to be their only chance at getting into their favorite educational institutes and prestigious firms. The test is accepted in all regions and has a high weightage in an individual’s life.
While preparing for the PTE test, you will come across four sections:

  • The Listening portion contains eight questions. You will need to complete the section in 30 to 40 minutes
  • The Writing and the Speaking portion, where you get seven questions. Here, you will see a variety of questions that need to be completed in approximately an hour
  • The Reading portion with five questions takes not more than 29 to 30 minutes

In total, twenty questions in the exam cover each section in detail. You will perform better if you take professional help while preparing. The test requires an immense amount of practice and mock tests. Furthermore, if you lack in any one section, give extra time to it. Your high score lands you in state government departments and universities like the University of Newcastle.

Points to Ponder Upon


If you wish to apply to prestigious universities or departments, a PTE test is the most helpful. Like IELTS and other examinations, PTE is accepted worldwide. You can even process your visa through PTE test results.

On average, PTE results are available in the next five days after giving your exam. Instead of opting for an evening shift, try to give your exam in the early hours. Still, you will get an email once the results are ready.

PTE Academic is valid in several institutions. Even Oxford, Harvard, and Yale accept PTE tests. If you are an international student wishing to pursue your dream school abroad, appear for a PTE test. Once you achieve a high score, things become easier.

Prefer practicing for hours every day. There are online platforms with mock exams, PTE question banks, and question paper trends. When you opt for accurate preparation methods, your chances of securing a high score increase. Try to use all available study material.

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