The best way to assess your speaking, reading, writing, and listening is by giving the PTE Academic. Such tests like Pearson Language Test helps people achieve a better life and complete their education abroad. PTE Academic is a computerized test, designed for a student visa and migration application. You will finalize a test date through the PTE website. The process of registration is simple. However, the paper itself is challenging. You will see four components in the two-hour-long exam. It includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections.
PTE Academic is approved everywhere. With PTE test:

  • You get results within the next 48 hours of giving the test
  • You can apply for Canberra’s visa application
  • You can apply for any university and education-providing institute in Canberra

The test is conducted at different centers across Canberra. Each test center accommodates several candidates every day. By clearing the PTE exam, you can excel in life and secure admission to prestigious universities such as the Canberra Institute of Technology.

Things to Ponder Upon


The PTE exam is the most crucial step in your life. Your score will decide whether you can study at your dream school. No matter how well you perform in other fields, if you can’t produce a high score in the PTE exam, you won’t be able to succeed.

You give your test on a computer and will be given a code to an online portal. Your result will be available in the next 48 hours. Once the result is out, you can share the link or the code with the universities you’re applying to. You can check and verify your score on the online portal. Afterward, it is forwarded to several universities. There are no charges for it.

The PTE exam consists of reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections. However, reading is the toughest section in PTE. Several students make mistakes in this section. So, give extra time to this section.

The greater your score, the higher the chances of getting admitted into your dream universities and jobs. Usually, a score between 59 and 75 is ideal for every student. However, to achieve this score, you need to work hard. You might need to opt for professional help.

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