Unlock Your Potential: PTE Mastery with Learn with Hafiz in Vietnam

If you want the best institute to learn PTE in Vietnam, look no further; learn with Hafiz, who is here for you! At Learn with Hafiz, we understand that your score in PTE is your key to studying abroad and pursuing your goals. That’s why we have collected a bunch of dedicated professionals who will unleash your potential and help you master the PTE and achieve your goals.

Our Unique Approach

We have a unique approach to teaching the students. We know the challenges and strengths of Vietnamese students, so we have crafted tailored courses to help you learn English. Our approach emphasizes cultural relevance and linguistic nuances, ensuring a pathway to PTE excellence that aligns seamlessly with your background and goals.

Personalized PTE Journey

At learning with Hafiz, we know that the traditional way of teaching doesn’t work for PTE. Everyone has a unique nature and way of understanding things; that’s why the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit in our scenario. Our way of teaching caters to your individual learning style, strengths, and weaknesses. Our team of experts crafted plans that will meet the needs of everyone and help students achieve their desired objectives in their PTE journey.

Experience PTE Success: Meet Our Expert Instructors

Our expert instructors are the backbone of our institution. Every instructor is an expert in their field and dedicated to teaching and helping students and their journey to success. With extensive experience and commitment to excellence, our instructors are dedicated to providing personalized attention, valuable insights, and the support you need to achieve your desired PTE score. You will be one step closer to your study abroad goal.

Interactive Learning: Engage, Practice, Excel

Learning is associated with a boring activity, but not with us at Learn with Hafiz. Learning is a very engaging and interactive journey that you will love. We believe in hands-on, immersive learning that encourages active participation, practice, and constant interaction. Our interactive session will give you the opportunity to engage with the study material, practice PTE tasks, and excel in your life.

Mastering PTE Skills

Mastering the PTE skill is a challenging task. You will need to get the English language knowledge to crack it. To master PTE, you need a deep understanding of the test structure and approaches. We have different strategies to crack the different sections of the PTE. Our experienced tutors guide you through effective techniques, time management strategies, and tips to maximize your performance in the exam.

Join the PTE Revolution: Success Stories

Your success story awaits, and we take immense pride in the accomplishments of our students. “Learn with Hafiz” has a track record of enabling aspiring individuals in Vietnam to achieve their desired PTE scores and pursue their dreams. Be inspired by the success stories of fellow Vietnamese students who have joined the PTE revolution with us and made their mark globally. You can see all our success stories on our website, “Learn with Hafiz.”


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We use interactive learning, real-world scenarios, and multimedia materials to engage students and make English and PTE skills study exciting and enjoyable at Learn with Hafiz in Vietnam.

We use time management techniques and interactive speaking practise sessions. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on pace and efficient time management for PTE assignments, and students participate in real-world discussions and receive individualized feedback.

In order to ensure efficient language learning and exam preparation, we customise our method when teaching PTE in Vietnam to suit the cultural and linguistic intricacies of the country, with special emphasis on regional accents, idioms, and communication patterns.

Through ongoing training, official resources, and input from our network, we stay current on PTE test modifications. In order to ensure that students are properly equipped, we swiftly incorporate improvements into our teaching materials and methodologies.


What Sets Hafiz Apart?

Experience of dealing with students worldwide

One to one coaching for each student

An inexhaustible list of mock tests and practice resources

Proven techniques and methods for cracking the tests


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Learn With Hafiz is a one-stop solution to all your problems for PTE, NAATI CCL and IELTS