Taking the PTE exam has now become a must. Individuals around the globe are now taking this exam to enhance their point score on their VISA application while applying for jobs or studies abroad. The Pearson Test of English is designed to gauge the level of proficiency one has in the English language, especially for non-native individuals. The test comprises four sections: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. Scoring well in all four sections is imperative, as the entire test score depends on how well you perform.

Compared with IELTS, the PTE exam sounds like a piece of cake. However, you would be surprised to know that non-natives and even native English speakers are often unable to clear it on their first attempt. There is no maximum limit for appearing in the PTE test. One can take this exam as many times as he wants, but applying and preparing for it takes a lot of effort. So why not try your best to clear it on the second attempt, if not the first?

Below are a few sure-shot mantras destined to improve your score:

Confidence is the key to success in the PTE test

Often, a person is thoroughly prepared to take the exam, but the fear of failure becomes an obstacle. It happens especially when you are taking the test for the second time. The previous failure brings down your confidence level, but you must remember that this second chance is given to you so that you can improve your scores by avoiding all those mistakes you made in the last one. So chin up, and go ahead.

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1. Finding the right resources

When retaking the PTE test, you must know which resources are available for you and which ones can benefit you the most. Go for online coaching that has good ratings and reviews. Download the study material like past papers, practice tests, etc. You could also find online sources that would back your learning by giving on-the-spot results of mock exams so that you could assess your weak points and work on them.

2. Get Expert Opinion

Make sure to reach out to those who know the tips and tricks for performing well on the test. These could be seniors who have had good scores on their record, or they could be instructors who help you prepare for the test. Sit with them to find out the loopholes and then begin preparing accordingly.

3. Self-check is imperative

Now that you have all the knowledge of your weak points after consulting an expert see what strategy you can devise to overcome them. Regularly practice the mock tests that are entirely focused on those weak points and keep an eye on your performance.

4. Start fresh

What’s done is done. Only working on the problematic areas is not going to be enough. Start preparing as if you are taking the test for the first time, thoroughly and excessively.

5. Leave Behind the Old Tactics

To improve your score, you need to improve your learning techniques. Forget whatever you did to prepare the last time. Watch relevant videos of the experts to know what strategies you could use this time to up your game. For instance, recording and writing down radio shows could be excellent practice for the test’s listening section.

6. Remove Any Fears

Realize that you have been given another chance to improve your score, and you must make good of it. Recall all the reasons that held you back from giving your best last time. Clear out whatever distractions you think are in your way and focus solely on your preparation.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Improve your vocabulary and grammar by reading and practicing for the PTE test. Avoid wordiness, and incorporate synonyms and phrases into your writing to avoid redundant words. Make sure you write brief, crisp sentences that are easy to comprehend. Retaking the PTE test can be daunting, but with proper mentorship and guidance, you can ace the test. Learn with Hafiz as your guide and mentor on the road to PTE exam success.


Q1. Can I retake individual portions of the PTE?

No, you must retake the complete PTE test and cannot select to retake only particular areas. Prepare thoroughly to boost your overall performance.

Q2. Are there any special techniques for dealing with exam anxiety during my retake?

To lower anxiety, use mindfulness and relaxation practices. Additionally, mimic test settings throughout your preparation, take timed practice tests and develop confidence by gradually raising the difficulty level of your practice sessions.

Q3. Should I attend PTE preparatory courses or classes?

PTE preparation courses or lessons might be helpful, especially if you prefer organized study and supervision from professional teachers. They provide valuable insights, practice resources, and test-specific tactics.

Q4. How can I discover my flaws and places for improvement?

Examine your past PTE test results to determine the precise areas or question categories where you failed. This will allow you to concentrate on improving those areas during your preparation.

Q5. Will my prior PTE scores influence my current test results?

Your past PTE scores will have no bearing on your current test results. Each attempt is assessed individually, and only the most recent score is considered.