Like many others, IELTS is an English language test, including PTE, TOEFL, and NAATI CCL. A specific number of countries accept it, which makes it one of the most efficient language tests. If you ask an expert for any English language test, his first suggestion should be to go for the IELTS which is crystal clear proof of the significance of this test. So, in this article, we will discuss different reasons to take the IELTS test to improve your English language skills.

Reasons to take the IELTS test

Keeping the significance of the IELTS test in mind, there are multiple reasons for taking this test. Here in this write-up, we will discuss the basic but very essential eight reasons.

1. Recognized as the best test to improve language skills

The need for English-language proficiency is a very essential factor to remember, and around 1.5 billion individuals worldwide studying English are proof of it. On the other hand, the IELTS offer candidates a fair and precise means of demonstrating their level of English ability. According to the British Council, almost 11,000 organizations worldwide are busy helping people to prepare for the IELTS. The particular certification helps to show colleges, businesses, and professional organizations worldwide that exam-takers possess English reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities.

2. It makes your PR application stronger

By adding significant points, IELTS might boost your application for various permanent residence opportunities. Subclass 190, for instance, needs at least eight years of skilled employment in Australia in order to get 20 points for work experience. On the other hand, a doctorate from an accredited university would be necessary for the same amount of education points, which may cost tens of thousands of dollars and take up to four years to complete. You may receive 20 points for English language proficiency in the same PR category if you receive a Band 8 on all IELTS exam components. Amazingly, you are able to pass it quickly with some experience and the material.

Q. How are IELTS exam scores calculated?

The IELTS exam has a 9-band scoring system. Each segment is judged separately, and the overall band score is the average of the four section results. Scores range from 1 to 9.

3. Worldwide acceptance

Another positive aspect of this test is its worldwide acceptance, which remains one of the main reasons for taking this test. According to an estimate, 135 countries in the world accept this test. As mentioned above, over 10,000 organizations prefer to accept this test because of its credibility.

4. Result Accuracy

From the list of different reasons to take the IELTS test, one of the most common reasons is the accuracy of the result. Examiners apply the tough marking criteria while checking the papers. If a man passes this test quickly, it ensures his grip on English. At the same time, the marking criteria prove you as a competent participant to a person who finds the IELTS test result on your resume.


5. Offers two types of training: General and Academic

Another benefit that answers the query “Why should I go for the IELTS test rather than others?” A man planning to go outside has two basic reasons: education or settling there. The IELTS test is helpful for both of them because, during the exam preparations, institutes offer two types of training, general and academic. If a candidate is moving abroad for education, he will participate in academic training, while he will have to choose the general training program if he aims to go there to earn and live there.

6. Both American and English formats are valid

As we know, the writing portion is very important not only in the IELTS but all English language tests, so it is a must to clear the writing section before passing this test. On the other hand, awareness of British and American styles is essential to clear this section because you have the option to move anywhere. Additionally, not only the writing section, but the IELTS also accepts the speaking accent of both formats. It means, on a single IELTS test basis, one can get to any country worldwide with the English language of any accent as a native.

Q. Can we pick between paper-based and computer-based IELTS exams?

Yes, depending on the availability at your selected test location, you can take the IELTS exam in either a paper-based or computer-based format. Both forms have the same material and scoring.

Q. Is the IELTS exam available in several formats?

Yes, the IELTS exam is available in academic and general training formats. The academic edition is for educational or professional reasons, while the general training version is for everyday communication skills.

7. IELTS improves your English skills

The training program for the IELTS differs from other tests because it is challenging comparatively. This test includes sections to improve skills like writing, listening, speaking, and reading. According to these sections, preparation helps a person have a solid grip on the English language. In this way, IELTS improves your English-language skills.

8. Helpful at every career stage

IELTS is a gateway to accessing opportunities of the highest caliber; it is more than just a test, but IELTS is a journey towards self-empowerment. You may always rely on IELTS training materials to improve your scores. This material offers free practice exams, courses, articles, and videos to assist with IELTS exam preparation. This test will be your launching pad for future accomplishments as you embark on your adventure across the English-speaking globe. Your aptitude and familiarity with test-taking techniques are important factors in your result, but so is your ability to cope under pressure.

Q. How would the IELTS exam help my career?

A good IELTS score can improve your career prospects, raise your chances of advancement, and qualify you for foreign work options.


In conclusion, the IELTS test is widely accepted worldwide. Furthermore, there are multiple reasons for taking the IELTS test. It is best to inform you about the eight reasons we discussed above. If you consider these reasons for taking the IELTS test, we ensure that you will not go for any other test.