Attaining a professional level of fluency in the English language has become a global criterion. If you are a non-native individual planning to seek a job or a degree in a foreign land, you must clear specific tests like IELTS, PTE, etc. These tests are recognized and accepted globally and help one get acceptance into several organizations and academic institutes. PTE test is easy for a person with a good grip on writing, listening, and speaking. In this article, we will discuss a few PTE writing tips to acquire a good score.

The English language has a global appeal. Gaining proficiency in it will open multiple doors for you professionally and help you reap numerous other benefits. It will help you communicate better, especially in environments where the medium of interpersonal communication is English.

IELTS, NAATI CCL, and PTE are to-name -a –a few tests widely accepted by organizations and universities worldwide. NAATI CCL and PTE give the applicants additional points on their VISA applications, whereas clearing the IELTS test with a minimum of 6 (in some cases, 7) bands is a compulsory requirement by some countries.

The Pearson Test of English, or PTE, is an online test designed to gauge the English proficiency skills of non-native individuals aiming to apply to universities in English-speaking countries. The test comprises four different segments, which test the overall ability of the applicant to comprehend and speak the English language. Here we will cover the Writing section and include tips to help you clear the written test with an excellent score.

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First, you need to understand the pattern of the test. For the written portion, two tasks are given. One is to summarize the given text within 1-2 lines, while the second task is an essay of 200-300 words. Go through both tasks before writing and prepare a mind map for both. The topic would most likely require you to give your opinion and justify it using relevant examples. The structure could go like this:

  • Introducing the topic in a generic tone
  • The first paragraph to support your agreement (whether you agree or disagree)
  • Second paragraph to write in additional support or present a counterargument
  • Conclusion and summarizing as to why you reached this conclusion

How does PTE handle writing?

You are expected to read a paragraph and list its main ideas. The PTE passage’s summarizing paragraph will be 300 words long. The candidate must provide a 75-word summary of the paragraph. Candidates must turn in their dictation answer. PTE drafting a 10-minute summary

 Starting the Essay:

Read the topic and understand the kind of write-up required and how you can finish it within the given word limit (200-300 words) and the allotted time (20 minutes). Writing bullet points as part of the brainstorming process will help you write quickly and briefly. Sketching the topics you want to cover is a good idea so that the momentum stays strong when you begin writing. Keep an eye on the word count at the bottom so that you neither exceed nor write less than the word limit.

Crafting the Essay:

Remember always to write using the academic writing format. Use simple and clear language, but do not use a casual writing style. Demonstrate correct grammar and vocabulary but avoid using too much of it as it could take away the essence of the sentences. Avoid jargon and pretentious vocab at all costs. Use the right kind of idiomatic expressions that fit your topic, as they will significantly uplift the overall tone of the essay.

Here are a few pointers to fine-tune your essay writing:

  • To introduce a point: In light of, Considering
  • To add additional information: In addition to, Moreover, Furthermore
  • To add views of the author: As per X, According to X
  • Concluding: To sum it up, In summary, In conclusion


These PTE writing tips will help you to perform writing tests easily in the examination hall. But before submitting the task, go through each sentence very carefully. See if it’s making sense. Double-check the essay for grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors, as all these could affect your score. Ensure the overall tone and flow of the essay read well and that you have used a logical approach to address the topic.