Studying abroad is a dream for many, even if they reside in any of the best countries in the world. Moreover, before migrating, they need to prove their expertise in the English language, and PTE is a great option to prove their abilities. If you are also one of those people and want to prepare for PTE in Hong Kong, Learn with Hafiz is your trusted partner for PTE preparation. We deeply understand that achieving a high score in the PTE exam is crucial for your academic and career aspirations. So, we are committed to helping you reach your goals. We believe in maintaining the core values of affordability, experienced staff, and a proven track record. At the same time, we adopted several unique aspects that set us apart and made us the ideal choice for PTE preparation in Hong Kong.

Personalized Study Plans

All students are different from one another in skills and shortcomings. Because of this, PTE preparation in Hong Kong should not be standardized. Our knowledgeable teachers will evaluate your present skill level, pinpoint your precise areas for growth, and develop a unique study schedule catered to your requirements. This tailored strategy ensures you advance as quickly as possible, increasing your chances of passing the PTE exam.

Pioneering Learning Resources

Utilizing current tools and abilities is essential for staying ahead of the curve when studying for exams in the digital age. We are committed to offering you pioneering study aids and resources. Our forward-looking platform provides video courses, interactive practice sessions, and in-the-moment performance data. You’ll get access to a sizable collection of PTE practice exams, ensuring that you’re well-prepared for the structure and difficulties of the test.

Small Class Sizes

We believe in the power of personalized attention. That’s why our PTE preparation classes have small student-to-instructor ratios. With fewer students in each class, our instructors can allot more time to address your questions, provide feedback, and ensure you receive the support you need. This intimate learning environment encourages active participation and a deeper understanding of PTE concepts.

Flexibility in Scheduling

Nowadays, life is busy, and your schedule may be unpredictable. That’s why we offer flexible class schedules to accommodate your needs. Whether you’re a working professional, a student, or someone with a hectic lifestyle, we have options that fit your schedule. You can choose from weekend, evening, or online classes to ensure your PTE preparation fits seamlessly into your life.

Comprehensive Skill-Building

Success on the PTE exam requires command of various language abilities, from speaking and listening to reading and writing. We take a comprehensive approach to PTE preparation, covering every test facet to ensure you get the all-around competency required to succeed. Our teachers will lead you through rigorous practice sessions to help you improve your skills and address any areas of weakness.

Supportive Community

Although difficult, you just don’t have to study for the PTE exam, but you will join a welcoming group of other PTE candidates at Learn with Hafiz. You’ll have the chance to participate in peer-to-peer learning, exchange advice and tactics, and get inspiration from people on the same path. Your PTE preparation in Hong Kong might be more fun and productive because of the supportive atmosphere we’ve created.

Ongoing Progress Tracking

It’s important to keep you updated on your trip through transparent progress monitoring. Because doing so measure your progress and find areas that require improvement with our frequent evaluations and practice exams. So, our instructors will provide thorough feedback, enabling you to hone your abilities and adjust your strategy as the PTE exam date draws near.


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Of course, we provide a free trial lesson so that you may experience our teaching style and level of proficiency firsthand. Before enrolling in the course, seeing whether our methodology fits your learning objectives is a fantastic opportunity.

Without a doubt, our institute is ideally located in a great area of Hong Kong. Our excellent location, which is easily reached by many different forms of transportation, makes it simple for all students to commute to class and succeed in their studies.

Our assistance continues even after you complete your PTE course. We offer complete support, which includes test-taking tips, study guides, and individual counseling. As you advance in your pursuit of English proficiency, our committed team is always on hand to answer your questions and offer continuous assistance.

Indeed, open communication is something we value. Meetings and progress updates are essential components of our strategy. We may evaluate your strengths and opportunities for development throughout these sessions. At the same time, we talk about how you’re doing, which helps us customize our instruction and concentrate on important topics for your growth.

What Sets Hafiz Apart?

Experience of dealing with students worldwide

One to one coaching for each student

An inexhaustible list of mock tests and practice resources

Proven techniques and methods for cracking the tests


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Learn With Hafiz is a one-stop solution to all your problems for PTE, NAATI CCL and IELTS