The NAATI, CCL, IELTS, and PTE are examinations that a student must pass if he desires to move abroad for education. Unfortunately, according to research, a few myths are circulating in students’ minds that mislead them. Memorizing these myths, the student makes some NAATI mistakes. These mistakes decrease the scores and result in a waste of time. These common NAATI mistakes and their solutions are below. If you tend to relocate, this article is perfect for you.

Long pauses

Among the NAATI mistakes, the first one that affects the credibility of students is long pauses. Experts advise taking short or long breaks. But unfortunately, most people misguide the students, telling them they cannot pause. On the other hand, they misinform candidates by asking them to take a long pause. As a result, a few students start attempting the exam immediately or take time to start it, which results in a score deduction. The best solution to remove this mistake is to pause for 5 seconds.

Ignore omission

Avoiding omissions is crucial when translating from one language to another. Omission prevents one from properly comprehending a certain section of the discourse. You may lose points for this. Your note-taking must be flawless and contain no omissions because your notes will be a key component of your interpretation. Create your shorthand, and practice taking notes a lot. You will only make mistakes if you take good notes.

Lack of accuracy

Candidates perceive information inaccurately when they need to comprehend the dialogue’s context or significance. It’s usually because of their passive listening style and lack of familiarity with typical exam topics. Also, it encourages them to continue interpreting the text incorrectly throughout the exam. As a result, you should regularly practice actively participating in listening exercises before the test, thus increasing your general understanding of NAATI CCL Test themes.



Distortion changes a statement or document’s meaning by selecting the wrong words. To prevent such mistakes, it is best to practice grammar and vocabulary. Grammar-related issues arise for both your LOTE and English language exams. For each grammatical error, the examiner will deduct points. Therefore, tenses, verb choice, and word forms need attention.

A bad audio performance

If you take the test in a noisy environment, it will be difficult to hear the recording effectively, which might lead your score to understate your excellent performance. If there are any distractions, such as talking or road noise, it would be preferable to take the test in a quiet area. Otherwise, you risk receiving a poor grade.

Time management

Students must understand the importance of time. In the NAATI examination, you get 20 minutes. As a result, candidates must prepare for the exam while keeping the timings in mind. Improving your vocabulary and grammar while sitting in a quiet area is also essential for completing this exam. Attempting the exam at speed increases the threat of making mistakes. As a result, timed preparation will assist candidates in receiving high marks.


Keeping in mind the NAATI mistakes discussed above, a candidate must prepare for the test. Time management matters a lot because students only get a little time. Choose a calm and noise-free area with a good internet connection for attempting the test. A firm grip on synonyms, grammar, and listening skills will help a candidate get good marks. Avoiding all the mistakes will aid students in making their journey easy and time-saving.