It seems like a mountain in the path for people with no option other than attending the English language course. It is because learning a new language is challenging, especially when you are unfamiliar with it. NAATI CCL, an English Language test, is complex but tiny compared to other courses like IELTS and PTE. In this blog, we will talk about the NAATI CCL and its scoring pattern. Moreover, we will discuss what to look out for during the test. So, start the journey and get comprehensive information about NAATI CCL marking criteria.

Q. What is the duration of the NAATI CCL test?

It takes about 20 minutes to complete the NAATI CCL test. Candidates must be translators for two recorded talks between a fluent English speaker and a native LOTE speaker. It consists of two dialogues. Each discussion is broken down into smaller chunks, and following each section, applicants have a certain amount of time to react.

A basic intro to NAATI CCL

NAATI CCL is a verbal test that comprises two dialogue sessions. These dialogues are conversations between two people. One is a native English speaker, while the other is in LOTE. Let us clarify it with an easy example of a doctor and a patient. The doctor is a native English speaker, and the patient will respond in LOTE. Now, as a test candidate, you have to listen to both of them and interpret their discussion. On the other hand, as a candidate, you also have to be responsible for the translation. However, you will translate the English dialogue into LOTE and another language into English.

As we have already discussed, preparing for this test is easy compared to another test. However, some people still miss out on the opportunity to pass it because they are unfamiliar with NAATI CCL marking criteria and the test format. You will learn about scoring patterns in the following passages, so fasten your seat belt!

Q. How long does it take to get the results of the NAATI CCL test?

The authority customarily emails the exam results to candidates after 8 to 10 weeks.


NAATI CCL marking criteria

Awareness of the marking pattern of any test, whether IELTS, PTE, etc., plays an essential role in passing the test on the first attempt or in the minimum time. Look at NAATI CCL marking criteria and determine the route towards rapid achievement.

1. Exam Pattern

As previously mentioned, there will be two conversations in the NAATI CCL test. A total of 290 to 310 words will be used throughout the discussion. Two speakers will be present, one speaking in LOTE and the other in English. About six sentences, or “segments,” make up each discourse. The LOTE will also have six portions, and there will be six segments of English conversation. There will be 12 portions in a single discussion. In other words, you will receive two talks and 24 parts.

2. Passing score and marking breakdown

As we are familiar with the pattern of this test, the candidates listen to two conversations, carrying 90 total points. There are two dialogues in it, both worth 45 points. You must receive a 29 on each conversation and a 63 out of 90 to pass the test. As a result, to successfully pass the NAATI CCL test, attempt to strive for a minimum of 30 to 33 marks for each component.

Q. What are the conversations’ main focus topics in the NAATI CCL test?

The NAATI CCL test’s conversations are based on actual events from Australian society’s social life. They might talk about commerce, employment, client services, insurance, social services, law, education, healthcare, and medical services.

3. Passing and failing marks criteria

Candidates must receive at least 63 out of 90 points to pass the NAATI CCL exam. To pass, applicants must receive at least 29 marks in each discussion. All test takers are expected to follow the test policies and guidelines established by NAATI, and the test is audio and video recorded. The exam may be invalidated or terminated without reimbursement if someone cheats or fails to follow the guidelines.

On the other hand, a person who fails to get under 63 but gets 55 will be considered a Marginal failure. Lastly, the candidate who can get up to 55 marks will be labeled as a clear fail.

4. Steps to avoid mark deduction

We have already discussed the steps to avoid mark deduction in our previous blogs. Marks deduction also means habits for getting success in the NAATI CCL test. Here we will give you a little information about the practices that have proven helpful in avoiding the mark deduction in NAATI CCL. These practices are straightforward to take action:

  • Accuracy
  • Distortion
  • Omissions
  • Words insertions

Q. Is there an online way to prepare for the NAATI CCL exam?

You may prepare for the NAATI CCL test online with coaching courses and tutorials. The exam structure may be familiarized, and candidates’ interpretation abilities can be strengthened with the help of these courses.

Final thoughts

After knowing the NAATI CCL marking criteria, we hope you will find it handy while in the examination hall for the test. Moreover, follow the steps that will help you get excellent scores, like being accurate, remaining calm and focusing on the test, delivering the words with precise meanings, and inserting the exact term, not adding extra words on your own. In conclusion, prepare well according to the scoring format; your success is our word.