We all are aware of the fact that a person who has a plan to move to a country with English as a native language for any reason has to prove his proficiency in the English language. Moreover, to prove their valid grip on this language, they have to pass tests like IELTS or PTE.  Undoubtedly, the NAATI CCL test is also a great option to show expertise in this language. At the same time, getting expertise in English or LOTE is very challenging without joining NAATI CCL training sessions. So, this blog will discuss NAATI CCL. Here, it is essential to tell you that this blog is not a “NAATI CCL guide,” but we will answer a common question “Is NAATI CCL exam easy or difficult?”

You will learn about various factors that are part of its answer. So, read the blog, and we leave the decision to you because you have to decide whether this test is easy or difficult.

Q. Is NAATI CCL Exam Easy or Difficult?

Dear Candidate! Do not imagine that we will directly post our opinion or answer related to this question directly here. But to familiarize you with different factors and misconceptions that force you to ask this question. We recommend you read this blog until the end, so your confusion regarding the NAATI CCL test may not bother you anymore. Let’s proceed!

Q. Why do people prioritize the NAATI CCL test while moving to Australia?

First, it is easy to crack comparatively. Second, NAATI CCL offers five extra points to get Australian PR, and it is why people prefer to go for this test.

Q. What is the NAATI CCL test fee?

The fee for any language test changes according to the institute. So, first, consider finalizing an institution and then check the test fee on their official website.


NAATI CCL format

NAATI CCL Exam Test Format is essential to know before you start preparing for this test. People need to prioritize the NAATI format and train in their style. According to different search engines, searches of the “What is the format of the NAATI CCL exam?” are increasing with time, but the pass rate is still 10-15%. These figures reveal that we are lacking somewhere, and the unfamiliarity with the test format plays an essential role here.

Q. Is the NAATI test just for Australia?

No, many countries worldwide accept the NAATI. When it comes to Australia, NAATI CCL is specified with Australia to get a job as a translator.

1. Time management in the NAATI CCL exam

Time management is essential in every English language test like TOEFL, PTE, and NAATI CCL. Being aware of the test format is an excellent element to achieving success, but ignoring time management will also eradicate your preparation according to the test format. If we start preparing according to the pattern and following the time management according to the test sections, we ensure the pass rate will increase.

Q. How much time is sufficient to pass the NAATI CCL test?

It depends on your grip on language and your preparations. People who strive to achieve success keep preparing for this test and clear the test after a month of practice. At the same time, if a candidate needs to take the preparation seriously, a year is sufficient.

2. People need to follow the rules

Following the rules is an essential element that decides the passing rate of NAATI CCL in any country, whether Pakistan, India, or Australia. For example, no other device than your laptop at which you are taking the test is allowed to turn on during the trial, which is a rule. On the other hand, people do not care for it and makes a mistake to check their social media updates on their smartphone. It results in the cancellation of the exam. All your preparations according to the format and time management become useless over a small mistake.

3. Speaking accents

Another factor that makes people ask, “Is the NAATI CCL exam easy or difficult?” is ignoring the accent. Here, the accent involves both the English language and LOTE. We have witnessed many people with a fine grip on both languages but overlook the accent. Moreover, this accent ignoring facts leads to the marks deduction, making it difficult for people to pass the test. After the trial, start telling other people that the NAATIC CCL test is complex and blame their own mistakes on the test result.

4. Ignore handwriting during the test

Handwriting is essential in deciding your marks on the test, and the NAATI CCL test is no exception. People who practice time management and ignore the note-taking habit during preparation usually deduct their marks due to poor handwriting. Their mistake makes their fee and hard work useless. That’s why it is said to prepare well by following the rules.

5. Mock tests

Mock tests can be a great source to save you a fee, time, and hard work while preparing for the NAATI CCL test. Suppose you are ready for this test accordingly and enter the examination hall without checking your grip on the test practically. You will have to pay. How can I check my clasp on language without sitting in the theater? Our simple answer is “mock tests.” Mock tests are referred to as carbon copies of the actual test. Taking these tests will not let your preparations the part of a wasted bucket. So, take the mock test and grab the success in NAATI.


As we told in the initial part of the blog, we will answer “Is the NAATI CCL exam easy or difficult?” at the end. Now, it is the time. As discussed in the entire blog, we usually make small mistakes that do not seem to be significant. As a result, the controller deducts our marks or tags the word fail with our name. So, our answer to this specific question is that no test is difficult until we prepare well according to the rules and follow the process. So, be dedicated and defeat the myths connected with NAATI CCL.