Preparing for PTE can feel daunting if it is your first time taking one. But with the right study strategy, you can acquire the PTE score. However, imagine that you only have four weeks to study for the PTE Academic Test. Just give this thought a moment. One month to become proficient in all four test modules. Not only that but let’s imagine you’re already swamped with other responsibilities and can’t spare any time for in-class coaching. It’s a lot to take in, right?  In this article, we’ll go over how to put together a 30-day PTE study plan that takes advantage of all the helpful tools and materials on the internet.

Curriculum Outline for the Next 30 Days of PTE Study

For the best results on the PTE Academic, you need a well-thought-out study strategy. Make a plan before diving into PTE Academic prep.

1. Day1

Getting off to a good start in your planning is crucial. Get past your doubts and fears. Don’t waste time lamenting what might have been. Instead, put that energy toward devising a strategy for making the most of the time you have now. Learn the format and the different kinds of questions.

Prepare for the PTE by taking a few practice tests. Determine the areas in which you need the most work.

Evaluate your proficiency in oral communication, written expression, and auditory comprehension based on your test scores. Put the spotlight on the weak spots so they can be strengthened. You’ll be able to evaluate your skills more accurately.

2. Day 2-6

Going with the flow of answering questions is different from actually learning how to do it well. Select two examples of each question type. See if you can figure out what the grading criteria are. You should practice your abilities. Repeatedly ask students to read aloud from a list of possible answers. Make use of a stopwatch to keep score.

A little bit of effort every day will add up to significant progress in your ability to use and understand the English language. You can master the format and learn to conduct well under pressure by engaging in regular practice.

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3. Day 7

Try a sample test out of each chapter. Evaluate how well you did. Seek out the opinions of your instructors and peers. Recognize your fallacies and grow from them.

4. Day 8-12

Get some experience with not one but two different kinds of questions found in each section.

Question Formats that are Suggested

  • Sort Paragraphs and Complete the Reading Section Fill-Ins.
  • Describe a Picture and Retell the Story from the Lecture (Oral and Written Portions).
  • Listen to the passage, and then fill in the blanks and underline the appropriate summary.

5. Day 13

There is often a lot of background noise in PTE testing facilities. So conduct practice examinations in a high-pressure setting. Examine your performance afterward.

6. Day 14-18

On days 14–18, you should focus on these types of questions:

  • Short Answer Questions and Text Summarization in Speech and Writing
  • Including Both Single-Answer and Multiple-Choice Questions, as well as a Select Lost Words Option, the Listening Test Section
  • Fill in the Blanks from the Reading Section.

7. Day 19

We’ve reached yet another benchmark, so it’s time for another practice exam. Maintain a log of your progress and accomplishments. If you’re interested in bettering yourself, keeping a journal could be helpful.

8. Day 20-24

From day 20 to day 24, prepare for the following question types:

  • The Essay – The Verbal and Written Components
  • The listening section will consist of highlighting the incorrect words and then writing them down.

9. Day 25

Now that you have reviewed everything on the PTE syllabus, it is time to put your knowledge to the test. Participate in a practice exam. Keep tabs on your development. Regular practice should result in a significant rise in performance.

10. Day 26-28

Practice with as many simulated exams as you can. This is the time to get any questions answered or concerns addressed. Confer with your professors. Inquire if they have any advice for you to help you get ready at the last minute. Improve your language abilities by reading, writing, listening, and talking more.

11. Day 29

Make sure you practice for the real thing one more time. Use your approach when tackling the paper’s solutions.

12. Day 30

Now that you’ve finished preparing, you can sit back and take it easy. Avoid new information on the last day to bring your mind to ease. Finally, pack your exam bag with any necessary stationery to avoid chaos at the last minute.


If you put in just four weeks of studying using this plan, you should notice a difference. You might very well be able to succeed in getting the grade you want. Practicing the PTE is crucial to the success of the study strategy.

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