Visiting Australia remains a dream for uncountable people, and everyone cannot visit that place. There is the involvement of many factors that do not let their dreams come true. However, some people cannot afford to go there, while a few need more education to switch there. Likewise, some people are not that competent and even do not imagine going there. A few people with good educational backgrounds and language skills move there. A person who needs permanent residency in Australia must clear the NAATI test. This test also assists them to earn 5 bonus points. Moreover, in this blog, we are will help these people to get 5 points as a reward. Details are below.

What is NAATI CCL test?

NAATI CCL is an English language test that makes it easy to get the visa and even the permanent residency there in Australia. Likewise, to work as a translator or interpreter in Australia, you must have to pass the NAATI certification program. The five immigration points necessary for permanent residency in Australia must be obtained within 12 months of applying for the NAATI certificate. The preparation process is followed by receiving the exam results, getting a certificate, and then claiming the five points.

How much marks a person need to get for PR in NAATI?

Recommended score to get permanent residency in NAATI CCL is at least 63 out of 90. Candidates need to get 29 marks in each dialogue section.

For how much time the NAATI CCL remains valid?

NAATI CCL test remains valid for three year, while the IELTS test is valid for 2 years.

The significance of the NAATI CCL test:

You can take the Credentialed Community Language (CCL) exam, and can earn 5 bonus points for permanent residency in Australia if you get the score. Other benefits include the absence of an ethical component from the examination and relatively straightforward questions compared to the complete NAATI certification exam. Even though you won’t be able to find employment as an interpreter or translator in Australia. You may still apply for your permanent resident visa by submitting the CCL exam results and earning the five points. As candidates must achieve a minimum of 100 points for permanent residency, these extra 5 points are crucial. The applicant’s age, academic standing, number of years of job experience, and advantageous language abilities are considered while calculating cumulative points.

How many languages do NAATI test allow?

In actuality, NAATI is a great test which allow us to learn 180 languages.

Is NAATI CCL helpful?

Yes, this test is very helpful for people as it helps to earn 5 extra points. First for the permanent residency and second for the translator job. Another benefit that a person get from the NAATI CCL is that it is easy to pass than IELTS and PTE.


Outlook of NAATI CCL test:

With alternating portions of a conversation between an English speaker and a speaker of a language other than English (LOTE), the NAATI CCL Test Format contains two dialogue activities presented through recorded materials. Each section of a dialogue challenge is 35 words long, making up around 300 words overall. The exam has a maximum time limit of 30 minutes.

A test supervisor controls all electronic equipment. He checks start and end times, and any unforeseen problems, and oversees the test. The supervisor’s job is to record the exam for evaluation purposes alone; they are not to discuss the assignment or your performance in any way. Candidates should follow the supervisor’s instructions to earn 5 bonus points successfully; otherwise, they can get disqualified, too.

How many repetitions are permitted in NAATI?

If you need to repeat a section because you don’t comprehend it, click “Finish attempt” and then click “Start” once again. The entire clip will be replayed. Repetition of more than one section per discussion will result in punishment. Your score will be reduced if you repeat more than one piece of a dialogue.

NAATI CCL test helps you to earn 5 bonus points:

There is no reservation for the time period if you merely apply for the NAATI CCL test. Instead, you might take the CCL test and, after earning the points, get the five Australia PR points. In addition, there are certain benefits for you, such as the exam’s lack of an ethics section and its comparatively simple questions in comparison to the NAATI certification test. The CCL exam score alone will not get you a job as a translator or interpreter in Australia, but it will let you apply for an Australia PR visa and earn immigration points. So, if your goal is to get just five important immigration points, you can choose CCL instead of NAATI.


For your Australian PR application, the NAATI CCL is an excellent method to earn 5 bonus points. Even though it is not as challenging as the IELTS or PTE, you still need to study hard to pass the test. Contact our NAATI specialists for assistance if you need it in getting ready for the NAATI CCL test. They will walk you through the process step by step.