Candidates must demonstrate their command of the English language in various areas in the PTE Speaking test. It is essential to be aware of the usual errors that test takers make, as they might harm how well they do. In this article, we’ll go through some of the worst mistakes that PTE candidates should try to overcome when taking the speaking portion of the test.

You may raise your total grade and chances of success by identifying and correcting these mistakes. Our conclusions are based on test-takers feedback and experiences, which have passed the exam and have experienced these errors. So, whether you’re a first-time or repeat applicant, keep reading to discover the critical errors you should avoid when taking the PTE Speaking test.

Mistakes in the PTE speaking test

Speaking on the PTE exam is fairly challenging and one of the common departments among four areas. The exam is challenging to pass, particularly for those who are not natural English speakers. Even test takers who do well on other PTE exam parts must catch up to the needed score because they can do poorly on the PTE Speaking Section. Avoid the errors outlined below to succeed on the PTE speaking exam.

Q. How can I tone down my tension during the PTE speaking exam?

Effective meaning-conveying requires a focus on intonation and emphasis. Practice by emulating the intonation and stress patterns of native English speakers while listening to them talk. Please consider how they use certain words or phrases to accentuate their point. Additionally, you may find areas for growth by recording and listening to your voice.

1. Speaking too fast

You must have seen some people speaking at a fast pace during the preparation in the institute or even on social media platforms that offer physical courses to make you prepare for any English language test. On the other hand, it is the primary mistake they make. It shows that you need to improve at preparation and makes you confident even after a verbal mistake. In contrast, if you are prone to speaking slowly, you have time to think about what you have to say.

Q. In the PTE speaking activities, are we allowed to halt or dither while speaking?

Though occasional pauses and hesitations are normal, large or frequent pauses might lower your fluency score. Aim for seamless and ongoing delivery.

2. Having no grip on academic language

We have witnessed many people who need to focus on academic practices during the speaking portion. Their speaking exercise in normal circumstances spoils their practices; you must have seen people saying “Lemme” instead of “Let me,” “gonna” in place of “going.” This practice causes them to fail the PTE speaking exam section.

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3. Using filers

What are the filters that people usually use when speaking? Filers like “ah” and “umm” are undoubtedly warning signs and will lower your score. Therefore, you should refrain from using filters in your speech at all costs. Always keep in mind that fluidity is necessary for exceptional scores. Thus, it should be given top priority.

4. Fragmented sentences

Speaking is the only section that discloses how confused a person is, and his facial expressions are always there to simplify it. In such a situation, candidates usually make fragmented speeches and should prefer to avoid such mistakes. So, fragmented sentences in the written and spoken sections are powerful enough to spoil your hard work.

Q. Can I talk informally or with slang during the PTE Speaking test?

No, speaking properly and suitably is crucial to show that you can communicate in English.

5. Ignoring PTE speaking mock tests

The students must take more PTE speaking practice examinations before the exam because it pays in the end. Additionally, they should have put more effort into understanding the PTE speaking exam structure. Understanding the test format is crucial for performing well on any exam. The PTE Speaking Exam is no different in this regard.

Q. Do grammatical mistakes throughout the speaking activities count as acceptable?

Although little mistakes won’t severely lower your grade, strive for grammatical perfection to show your language proficiency.

6. Erroneous mic placement

Placing the microphone incorrectly is the first significant error made by PTE test takers. Incorrect mic placement will make it difficult for examiners to capture your responses, which will lower your score properly. That’s why the mic location is of utmost importance when taking the PTE Speaking exam. As touching the microphone while speaking might result in unfavorable sounds, it should be parallel to the chin.

7. Not completing the thought

Because they are rushing or anxious, test-takers skip over the initial thought or sentence and go on to the next one. There are better strategies to use when taking the PTE Exam. Before moving on to the next line, be sure you have thought through your lines and have finished them thoroughly.

Q. Should I use complex vocabulary to impress the examiner?

Employing phrases that are simple enough can result in errors. Instead, concentrate on employing precise and suitable vocabulary.


Conclusively, there is no distance in fact that the PTE speaking test is essential to clear. Moreover, we have shortlisted some common mistakes many candidates make during the section. Having proper exercises will lead you to a successful result in the end. So, we suggest all the candidates prepare well with the assistance of a mock test.