The NAATI well-known test has also got the Credential Community Language, or NAATI CCL (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters). By evaluating you in your native language, this exam grants you five extra points for your PR application right away. Here, we will teach you the six key NAATI CCL facts you should be aware of to pass your test.

Format of CCL NAATI test

One of the most crucial facts one should keep in mind before taking this test is to familiarize himself with the format of the test. Without knowing the layout, passing this test is almost impossible. There are two primary dialogues in the test’s format where you must act as an interpreter. The testing officer plays a recording first, and each talk has a sub-segment where a chime is heard 5 seconds after the segment ends. Candidates must then speak before the test administrator records their response.

1. Time Duration of the test

Time Duration of the test

Time plays an essential role in any test. Likewise, the CCL test offers you a limited time to complete the task. The examination takes around 20 minutes to complete. Each discussion is roughly 300 words long and divided into 35-word pieces. Furthermore, to share your results through email, NAATI typically needs 8 to 10 weeks.

2. Online Test Atmosphere

NAATI CCL Online Test Atmosphere

COVID-19 has damaged every aspect of life. During the pandemic and even after it, students completed their studies online. To pass this test, you must ensure a robust internet connection because the entire exam will be recorded for the assessment using your voice and video.

3. Dialogues scheme

Dialogues in the NAATI CCL test

The dialogues in the NAATI CCL test are entirely based on actual incidents. The main focal points revolve around business, employment, customer service, insurance, social services, law, education, healthcare, and medical services.


4. Marking criteria

NAATI CCL Grading Criteria

It would help if you understood the NAATI CCL grading criteria before taking the exam, since only then would you be able to receive your score right away. Delivering the style of two dialogues worth 45 points will help you to get good grades. Students require a score of 63 or higher out of 90 to pass, with a minimum of 29 marks required for each dialogue.

5. Languages

NAATI CCL conducts the test in all different languages

According to a rough estimate, there are about 6,500 languages worldwide. But the NAATI CCL conducts the test in 47 different languages. The common languages in this test are French, German, Greek, Hindi, and Spanish.

6. Rules

Before Going to the NAATI test, learn about the Rules

Before going to the NAATI test, learn about the rules. The following list includes some crucial rules.

  • The test must be administered in an area free from interruptions, background noise, and other things. Therefore, the test location is checked at the start of the NAATI language exam.
  • Other devices that are utilized for the test must be turned off (including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other smart devices).
  • Additionally, tests will be canceled for students who use a device to record or photograph exam materials or communicate with a third party. Candidates must present identity documentation for attestation (i.e., the photo ID provided, typically a driver’s license or passport). Before the exam starts, this should appear to the camera.


If you are preparing for the NAATI test or it is time for the test, keep in mind the facts mentioned above and the rules. Knowing the facts and implementing the practices will make you strong enough to clear the test with good grades on the initial attempt. Passing this test will lead you to your final destination.



Q1. Is it easy to pass the NAATI CCL?

The passing ratio of the NAATI CCL test is just 10 to 15%, which shows that it is challenging to pass the NAATI CCL test. Besides, your grip on the language and preparation are two factors that determine whether it is easy to pass.

Q2. How to prepare for NAATI CCL?

Being a language test, a common way to practice more and more is the best trick. Nonetheless, some other factors are helpful in preparation, like getting familiar with the format and practicing according to it. Downloading applications for preparation and getting online coaches can also become valuable tools.

Q3. What documents are required for NAATI?

To register for the NAATI test, you must have a few documents, like photos, identical documentation, educational proofs, and references. Remember that pictures and document files must meet some requirements, so be careful when applying for this test.

Q4. What are the benefits of the NAATI test?

This test will benefit people who need to move to Australia to go to college or have a better life. The NAATI CCL test assists in getting a job as a translator or interpreter, and one can get an additional five points for PR if they have proof of test clearance.

Q5. NAATI test is valid for how many years?

Candidates need to know that all the assessment tests have an expiry date, and when it comes to the NAATI CCL test, this specific test is valid for three years.

Q6. How many days are required for the NAATI preparation?

As we know, every student or applicant has a different mental level. Some students are brilliant, and some applicants do not have that sharp mind, so we cannot tell the exact days for preparations. We have a few examples in the eyes of some students who cleared this test after 15 days of rehearsals. At the same time, some applicants take months to prepare for it and still need to succeed.

Q7. Can I take the NAATI test outside Australia?

The individual test location and accessibility of online testing alternatives determine whether taking the NAATI CCL exam online from areas outside of Australia is possible. If a candidate has a strong internet connection and satisfies the technical prerequisites for online testing, some NAATI test facilities provide online proctoring options. These choices permit candidates to take the test remotely from anywhere worldwide.

Q8. What is the NAATI test required for PR?

NAATI test offers another test with the name of Credentialed Community Language. One can apply and pass this test to obtain permanent residency because this test provides an extra 5 points for PR.

Q9. How to practice for NAATI?

To practice for the NAATI test, a candidate must follow a few manageable but tricky steps. First, get familiar with note-taking and speaking aloud in the language you need to learn. Besides, listen to music from other languages, read journals, and watch movies.

Q10. What is the purpose of the NAATI CCL test?

NAATI CCL test is a language test that assesses a person’s grip on English and other language tests. This test aims to improve your grip and enable you to communicate in a language.