In our society, many students want to move abroad to study. For this purpose, they have to pass the English language test. There are many language tests, like IELTS, TOEFL, and others. The PTE test is also one of them. This test is challenging, according to many people. They are confused people, and they also create confusion in the minds of others. It results in attempting common PTE mistakes.

They made a few mistakes during the test. Therefore, before they go for the PTE test, here are a few suggestions they need to read and practically implement. We ensure success if these students prepare for the test according to our solutions.

1. Reordering paragraph

Test takers must rearrange paragraphs from an academic source as part of the PTE Academic reading component. They must drag some sentences from one panel on the screen to another, where they are displayed in the proper sequence—this exercise measures how effectively test-takers can comprehend the organization of English-language written material. But a lot of individuals need help with this. They ignore linguistic hints like connecting words or phrases that begin with an introduction clause.

All of these factors enable texts to follow a logical structure. Teaching students about linking words, opening and closing statements, and expressing thoughts or instances in English will assist them in avoiding this error. You may also have class exercises where students practice rearranging paragraphs.

2. Summarize a spoken test

The applicants must summarize a spoken text for one of the listening exercises. This exercise aims to assess how effectively students can comprehend and paraphrase a lecture’s essential points. First, students can take notes while listening to an audio recording. After that, they have ten minutes to summarize the audio in 50–70 words. They are assessed for this job based on the caliber of their writing and how well they translate the main ideas from the lecture.

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On the other hand, many test-takers replicate the audio word for word. It demonstrates that they have heard and comprehended the audio’s words. However, it doesn’t reflect their capacity to succinctly describe utilizing a variety of language and grammatical structures in their own words. Therefore, candidates must paraphrase as much of the listening material as possible to receive a high score. You can attempt the following in class to assist them in achieving this:

  • Pick a brief video to view, like a Ted Talk. Play it twice if it’s only a few minutes long to help the audience comprehend the concepts.
  • Request that students take notes and summarize the main aspects of the film while working in pairs. The winning team will be the one who incorporates the newest words and synonyms into their report.
  • Present the pairings’ summaries to the class, get their input, and choose the winning pair.

3. Essay writing

There are two PTE writing assignments to finish during the test. Writing an essay is one exam that requires applicants to produce a concise, argumentative piece. Test takers are prompted in writing to express their agreement or disagreement, opinion, or comment regarding a particular issue or situation. Students are graded on how well they use academic English, how well they organize their ideas, and how well they present their arguments in their responses. Their responses should range from 200 to 300 words in length.

Many test takers disregard the word limit. The grading criteria state that students will receive a 0 for their response if they write less than 120 words or more than 380 words. One of the most straightforward strategies to prevent this is to write the essay under time constraints. The student’s preference must be not to repeat common PTE mistakes and success on the first attempt.

4. Speaking speed

There are many other common PTE mistakes, and one most common of them is speaking rapidly. Many individuals make the error of assuming that fluency is synonymous with babbling. I can’t even begin to count how many times we have encouraged individuals to SLOW DOWN because we see this often with our ESL kids. Even if you speak English fluently, it could still be challenging to understand. It required a lot of work to break the habit, but it was worth it since he was eventually successful.

5. Using too many filers

It is a mistake everyone, including fluent English speakers, makes. Most people utilize fillers while finding a word or idea to complete the next section of their statement. In reality, no one even pays attention when you do this. However, the PTE academic program is notoriously harsh. Keep in mind that your circumstances are not typical. You’re not sharing details of your day with a buddy or partner. Your ability to swiftly and accurately retrieve language and concepts will be evaluated. The truth of an English proficiency test, however, is that.

Another critical aspect of these assignments is that, before taking the PTE, you must have your format strategy thought out. To put it another way, you must plan how to organize your response so that you are always clear on what to say.


According to many people, passing and getting good marks in PTE examinations is very challenging. According to a few people, this test is straightforward. They prepare for an exam with a proper schedule to help the students save time and get high scores. In the PTE test, the students make the mistakes mentioned above repeatedly. For them, these mistakes and their solutions are given. Suppose you apply them practically while preparing. It will help you a lot.