Mistakes are an essential part of our lives. We make mistakes in every possible aspect of our lives and try to overcome them next time. Similarly, mistakes help us succeed in our educational journey if we fail once. Many students who want to get an education in a country other than their native country commit the same mistakes during the test, but they must pass different tests like IELTS, PTE, TOFEL, NAATI, and more. This article will inform you about IELTS mistakes and their solutions. Here are the five common IELTS mistakes that most students make.

Spelling and vocabulary flaws

Spelling and vocabulary mistakes are essential in obtaining or losing marks, and the same criteria are for IELTS. These two factors are also crucial in this particular test, and many students often make these mistakes. The primary reason for these errors is the need for more grip on spelling and the other requirements for proper time management. The best solution to avoid this mistake is to get a handle on your spelling and focus on proofreading as you attempt the exam. In addition, you can improve your vocabulary and spelling by reading books and articles.

Proper timing supervision

Time management is a skill that is essential to overcome. A candidate needs more time to solve the exam. For example, if you have completes one question, and need more time to wait and think about the next question. Time management skills matter a lot in the IELTS exam. Many students waste time double-checking the questions to do first. A suggestion for these candidates is to prepare for the test with a proper schedule. In this way, students can save time during the trial.


Blank answer

Leaving the answers blank is a mistake that arises due to a misconception. Many students are told that if they write a wrong answer, it will result in negative markings. The reality does not match the myth because there is no negative marking rule in the IELTS test. A student preparing for this particular test should remember that it is just a myth. The best solution to this mistake is that they should attempt the entire question paper. There is a possibility of obtaining the marks, but there is no chance of reducing the spots.

Low transition words count

Lack of transition words is another of the more frequent errors made on the IELTS. Sentences become fluid, and conversations flow because of these. Transitional phrases aid comprehension of your message and enable the listener or reader to connect the previous sentences. In addition, transitional phrases ensure that your sentences flow smoothly and that there are no pauses between them. Thus, transition words are crucial for scoring higher on the IELTS exam.

No focusing

Lastly, a candidate must focus on something other than the examination paper. At the same time, the focus is essential for listening and speaking. It is an avoidable mistake. To maintain the focus, a suggestion is to repeat the sentences during preparation. During the communication segment, ensure everything is straightforward because you have to hear and speak. Most of the students are seen memorizing the answers when preparing. They should learn to focus and understand because there is a possibility of forgetting but no chance of getting confused if focusing is good.


There are many IELTS mistakes that students repeat during preparation. We have a few suggestions for them to avoid these errors. Students make a lot of other problems, but the mistakes mentioned above are prevalent, and the best way to prevent them is to act upon the suggestions written above.