The longest module of the PTE Academic test is that of the writing & speaking one. It is the module that may define your PTE score. Perform well in this module, and you’re halfway to an excellent score. However, if you perform poorly, you’ll suffer due to the high weightage of this section. Since it’s critical to perform in this section, we have compiled for you commonly asked questions about the speaking & writing module of the PTE test that will surely help you towards an excellent score.

Q. What Questions are Included in the PTE Writing Module?

The writing module comprises only two question types: an essay and a test’s writing precis. The writing portion assesses your ability to describe something and condense a written test comprehensively.

Q. What Question Types are Included in the PTE Speaking Test?

The speaking test is more extensive as it contains six questions testing your speaking prowess. It asks you for a brief intro followed by reading aloud a text and then repeating certain sentences. The last three questions ask you to describe an image, answer short questions, and restate a lecture.

1. How to Score Well on the Writing Test?

Getting a high writing score is easy if you follow the guidelines experts provide. Writing concisely, to the point, and with relevant material in precis and essay writing will ensure a high score.

2. Will Taking More Time in the Speaking Module be Harmful?

Yes. Taking more time in any one section means you have less time to complete the other modules.

3. Is Speaking Fast Good for My Score?

No. Speaking fast will be counted against you as it will yield lower fluency; thus, more time in any one section means you have less time to complete the other modules.

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4. Will Exceed the World Limit in Writing Score High?

No. Exceeding the word limit on the writing tasks will be penalized as the test assesses how concisely to explain the gist of any text.

5. Am I Allowed to Listen to a Repeat of an Audio Question?

No. You’ll not be allowed to listen to an audio clip once it has been played. Thus, make sure you listen intently on the first go to get the meaning of the clip.

6. Is it Important to Follow a Native English Accent?

No. No need to adopt an accent that is not yours, as fake accents are penalized on the writing exam.

7. Do I Have to Reproduce the Exact Spoken Words in the Writing Exam?

Yes. It is advisable to reproduce the same words spoken by the speaker in the exam test for high scores.

8. How Important is it to Include a Conclusion to the Essay?

It is extremely important to include a conclusion with an introduction to an essay as they’re two important components of essay writing.

9. How to Tackle the ‘Image Describing’ Question?

When describing the image in your speaking exam, only tell relevant details. Speaking endlessly about the image will lower your chances of performing well in other sections in the stipulated time.

10. Can I Use Complex Sentences?

Yes. You can use complex sentences when speaking and writing; however, you should use these carefully and in the correct context and grammatical way to score highly.

11. Is it Necessary to Use Good Vocabulary?

Excellent vocabulary is a hallmark of a person with excellent English Language skills. Thus, it would be best to use good vocabulary in the proper context and grammatically correct way.

12. How is Each Question Scored?

You need to consider two main scoring aspects when preparing for the PTE. First is your ability to answer within the given word limit, and the second is the quality of your response.

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