IELTS is among the most popular language exams. Prestigious organizations and governments accept this test worldwide. However, most test-takers regard the IELTS test as their greatest challenge. Will you take the IELTS exam? You would then need to prepare well to pass this test. To avoid trouble on the IELTS test, familiarizing yourself with every element beforehand is crucial. Your level of readiness will make you feel less stressed and anxious, which will improve your chances of receiving the IELTS score you want.

Ten daily habits for getting 100% in IELTS

You must practice every day to score highly on the IELTS if you intend to relocate abroad for whatever reason and take a language test. It would help if you created a solid schedule and put the following advice into practice.

1 Make a timetable and work dedicatedly

The first step to reaching any target is to set up a convenient schedule and follow it. Make sure to divide the time, write and listen during listening. Anyone can fail if he is on time and diligent about the task.

2 Mock Tests

Taking a mock exam is quite convenient. There are two leading reasons for this: first, it enables daily practice, and second, it teaches you the test format. Time spent practicing following the prescribed pattern ensures IELTS achievement in all cases.

3 Improve accent by speaking

Although the IELTS Listening section concentrates on British English as a whole, you might run into the accents of any native English speaker. There may also be various Canadian, Irish, and Australian accents, to mention a few. Focus on the variety of accents you hear in the IELTS Listening practice sets as you prepare for these various English speech patterns.

4 Provide yourself the time

Timed exams can be stressful; if you use your time carefully, you can achieve the highest possible grade. Spend time preparing by studying how to use the exam’s time efficiently. When practicing, be mindful not to spend more time than is allocated for each activity. It won’t be simple at first, but it is critical to develop a sense of time and adhere to the constraints. Get ready for the exam and practice managing your time once it starts!


5 Improve your vocabulary

You will see numerous high-level words in the IELTS materials that you might not typically come across daily. Gain as much vocabulary as you can. Keep in mind that improving vocabulary is the guarantor of getting 100% marks in the IELTS. Nowadays, every individual is holding a smartphone in hand. Rather than wasting time, you get benefits from these inventions. Social media, the internet, and books by different writers will help you improve your vocabulary.

6 Practice IELTS writing

A human panel is responsible for grading the IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking tests. They are unlike the other sections with an answer key for grading. Consequently, it would be best if you practiced IELTS speaking and writing with a human touch. Find a natural person who speaks good English to assist you with this. As you practice or get ready for the IELTS exam, let this person offer your comments on these specific topics.

7 Understand scores calculation

IELTS exam scores are broken down into various categories. Preparing according to the mark pattern will help you make learning easy. It will also help you concentrate on all the departments rather than just one. Preparing in this way is one of the most important habits you should adopt.

8 Practice as much as you can

The fundamentals of exam preparation remain primarily unchanged. It all comes down to being aware of the exam questions and your typical research process for finding solutions. IELTS success has no secret formula. Simply put, practice makes perfect. Because you cannot become proficient in this type of high-stakes international test, you must dedicate a lot of time to studying to be effective and pass this exam.

9 Speak, speak, and speak

We may improve or transform our culture with speech, encouragement, and applause to enhance our IELTS speaking test scores. Your life will improve one-on-one if you learn to talk clearly. It will make lovely friends, benefit you in family situations, and, most importantly, help you do well on the speaking module! Do you believe a good speech doesn’t involve magic or good fortune? According to academic research, a few general rules shape an academic lecture. When you allude to these norms in your speech, you’ll win the IELTS examiner over and raise your band score.

Follow instructions in dummy tests to

Ensure you only write one word, as instructed; the instructions specifically mention, “use one word alone.” You don’t want to get penalized for not reading the directions carefully. Ensure the sentence is formed from questions where you must fill in the blanks correctly. The singular and plural forms require attention. Additionally, take care of capitalization and spelling!


The IELTS test is the backbone of your foreign studies. When you have completed your education in your country, it is a final exam you must pass. IELTS decides whether you are going to get a foreign ticket or not. So, prepare for this test and adopt the above habits to get a 100% mark on your first attempt at IELTS.